Automatic opening vents are a ventilation and fire safety system used to control smoke when triggered by a fire. Automatic opening vents are triggered by heat or smoke and work by opening automatically to allow for the circulation of smoke and air in the event of a fire. Having a high-quality automatic opening vent system can work to protect your occupants, property, and contents in the event of a fire, acting as a damage control system until emergency services come to your premises. The team at SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd offers comprehensive installation and maintenance services for automatic opening vent systems for residential and commercial customers in accordance with B.S. 7346 Part 1 1990.

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Our Automatic Opening Vent Maintenance Services Include

  • One Maintenance Visit per year

  • Check entries into log book

  • Inspect cable joints and tighten any loose connections

  • Remove cover plates where fitted and inspect for general condition

  • Clean as necessary and inspect fusible links for cracks, breaks and general soundness

  • Clean off quartzite bulb fusible links when fitted

  • Lubricate all accessible moving parts, Springs/gas struts

  • Inspect for secure fixing, leakage, general condition

  • In the electrical control panels inspect all fuses and replace as necessary

  • Inspect all lamps/indicators and replace bulbs as necessary

  • Inspect and test operation of all relays and contactors

  • Test 24v DC charger circuits where fitted, together with associated batteries and components

Automatic Opening Vents FAQ

  • What is an automatic opening vent system?

    An automatic opening vent system is a system that is installed in a residential or commercial property comprising of automatic vents that open when triggered by fire or smoke in order to control smoke and flames in the event of a fire.

  • Do I need to have my automatic opening vents tested?

    Yes, if you have an automatic opening vent system in your commercial or residential building it should be tested once a year to ensure that it is working properly.