Chemical Safety Awareness Training

SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd’s Chemical Safety Awareness Training Course is a half-day course with 12 participant slots available, designed to train employees who work closely with chemicals on how to work safely and identify potential hazards in the workplace. During this course, participants will be mentored by experienced front line instructors with years of experience in the chemicals industry, leaving with a professional cert recognised by the 2001 Chemical Agents Regulation. On completion of this course, participants will be able to recognise chemical hazards in the workplace, know what chemical signs and symbols mean, understand the 2001 Chemical Agents Regulation, and know how to use PPE as a last resort. This course is designed to include classroom teaching as well as group participation and multimedia learning to give participants a well-rounded, enjoyable learning experience.

Our Chemical Safety Awareness Training Includes:

  • Understanding of statutory legislation and its requirements.

  • Participants’ introduction to hazardous materials.

  • How hazardous materials can affect the body.

  • How to recognize different chemicals.

  • Understanding warning signs and labels.

  • Understanding toxicology.

  • How to identify Materials and Safety Data Sheets.

  • Choosing the right Personal Protective Equipment.

  • How to carry out spill Control Measures.

  • Chemical Control Measures.

  • How to safely dispose of Chemicals

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Chemical Safety Training FAQ

  • Where can I do a Chemical Safety Awareness Training Course near me?

    SRS Alert Fire Systems provides Chemical Safety Awareness Training Courses to customers in Dublin and across Ireland.

  • What is Chemical Safety Awareness Training?

    Chemical Safety Awareness Training is designed for people who work closely with dangerous chemicals, educating them on how to assess chemical risks, how to work safely with chemicals, and how to react in the case of a chemical spill or chemical injuries.