Basic First Aid Training

SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd provides one-day Basic First Aid Training for companies and individuals wanting to improve their knowledge of the human body and learn how to respond in an emergency situation. Our professional Basic First Aid Training course is held in classes of 10 participants and is delivered through traditional classroom learning as well as a mix of multimedia including videos, group discussions, and practical work. Following our basic First Aid Training Course, you will be qualified to work as a designated First Aider in the workplace with a deeper understanding of how to respond in the case of a medical emergency in the workplace. During this course, you will learn how to provide first aid in an emergency, how to give treatment to an injured person, and also how to demonstrate lifesaving skills including Cardiac First Responder (CFR) skills.

Our Basic First Aid Training Modules Include:

  • First Aid Training Regulations & Legislation

  • The role of a First Aider

  • How to treat head injuries

  • How to put a patient in the recovery position

  • How to treat concussions and unconsciousness

  • Learning about patient approach and examination

  • How to treat burns and scalds

  • How to stop bleeding and dress wounds

  • How to identify and treat shock and fainting

  • How to treat asphyxia and blocked airways

  • How to treat fractures, sprains and dislocations

  • Cardiac Response and De-Fib Use

During this course, you will be assessed between theory and practical skills. Following our Basic First Aid Training Course, you will be issued a First Aid Certificate which will remain valid in the workplace for 2 years.

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Basic First Aid Training Courses FAQ

  • Where can I find a basic first aid training course near me?

    The team at SRS Alert Fire Systems provides Dublin basic first aid training courses to individuals and companies across Ireland.

  • What qualification can I get with a first aid training course?

    After doing a basic first aid training course with SRS Alert Fire you will be awarded with a professional certificate which qualifies you to work as a first aid officer in your workplace for up to 2 years.