Having quality fire extinguishers in your building is one of the most important elements in ensuring that your building is safe and protected in the event of a fire. The team at SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd offers professional fire extinguisher services including the supply, installation, and regular maintenance of fire extinguishers for residential and commercial customers. We offer fire safety advice and installation services on all types of fire extinguisher including foam fire extinguishers, C02 fire extinguishers, wet, dry, and water fire extinguishers. We also offer training services to all customers on how to identify, use, and maintain your building’s fire extinguishers. All of our fire extinguisher services are installed and maintained to I.S. 291 2015.

Our Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Services Include

  • Checks that the extinguishers are visible and accessible

  • Checks there is sufficient cover and extinguishers are suitable for the risk

  • Extinguishers are examined for signs of corrosion or damage

  • CO2 extinguishers are weighed to ensure they are not leaking

  • Test discharge is included in each visit

  • The test discharge requirement is 33% of all compliant extinguishers are refilled every service

  • All extinguishers except Co2 must have an external neck ring as proof of test discharge and refill

  • Each extinguisher discharged and refilled will be documented on the label

  • Furnish client with complete asset list including types and sizes of extinguishers, action performed and an age profile of all portable fire extinguishers

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Fire Extinguishers FAQ

  • What types of fire extinguishers are there?

    There are five main types of fire extinguisher: foam fire extinguishers, CO2 fire extinguishers, Water fire extinguishers, wet fire extinguishers and dry fire extinguishers.

  • What fire extinguisher services does SRS Alert Fire provide?

    SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd provides fire extinguisher installation, maintenance, and advisory services for all types of fire extinguishers for commercial and residential customers.