Occupational First Aid Courses

Our Occupational First Aid training courses are presented by professional FETAC Level 6 qualified instructors with decades of experience in the emergency services. Our trainers are recognised by the HSA and Occupational First Assessment Agency to deliver high-quality occupational first aid training to participants across Ireland. Having a qualified occupational first aider is a legal requirement in the workplace in accordance with the 20080 Health, Safety, and Welfare in the Workplace Act, so knowing that a member of your team is professionally qualified is a must. Our Occupational First Aid courses are designed to ensure that your occupational first aider in the workplace is qualified to administer effective first aid in the workplace, treat workplace injuries, and respond effectively in the event of a medical emergency in the workplace. This course takes place over 3 full days of training, with 10 slots available. On completion of this course, participants are awarded with a QQI level 5 occupational first aid certificate, which is valid for two years.

Our QQI Level 5 Occupational First Aid Course Includes:

  • First Aid in the Workplace.

  • Patient Assessment.

  • Dealing With Respiratory Emergencies.

  • Cardiac First Response Training.

  • Treating Wounds and Managing Bleeding.

  • Dealing With Altered Levels of Consciousness.

  • Treating Musculoskeletal Injuries.

  • Treating Burns and scalds, chemicals, electric shock.

Our Occupational First Aid Courses are assessed by a practical and theory assessment. Following completion of the course, you will be awarded a FETAC level 5 certificate in Occupational First Aid.

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Occupational First Aid Training FAQ

  • What is Occupational First Aid Training?

    Occupational First Aid Training is advanced first aid training designed for people who will work as a designated first aider in the workplace.

  • What level of Occupational First Aid Training does SRS Alert Fire provide?

    SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd provides FETAC Level 5 Occupational First Aid Training services for customers in Dublin and across Ireland.