Fire hydrants are an important element of any fire safety system, providing a plentiful water source for firefighters to tap into in the event of a fire. If you have a fire hydrant on your property, under Irish standard IS391:2020 it must be serviced twice a year to ensure the hydrant is operational in the event of a fire. As experienced fire safety service providers, the team at SRS Fire Systems Ltd offer a range of fire hydrant testing services to customers across Ireland in compliance with IS391:2020. According to these standards the hydrants must achieve 1,500 LPM and achieve 2 bar Dynamic Pressure. Hydrants must be clearly identified with a H plate with the diameter of the main and distance from the hydrant displayed on the H plate. Hydrants must be within 300mm of surface. Hydrant lids must be painted yellow for easy identification. Hydrants must be located more the 6m from the building and less than 46m.

Our Fire Hydrant Testing Services Include

  • Checking that Hydrants are sited correctly and as per drawings

  • Inspection of the condition of the hydrant pit

  • Ensure water drains easily from the hydrant pit

  • Ensure depth of hydrant is as per standard

  • Ensure the correct signs for identification are in place

  • Record flow, static pressure and dynamic pressure

  • Furnish the customer with a graph of all readings logged to the digital test kit

  • Furnish the customer with the completed checklist and highlight any defects

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Fire Hydrant Testing FAQ

  • How do fire hydrants work?

    Fire hydrants work by opening a valve that allows a large volume of water to flow into a hose or pipe that is attached to the fire hydrant by a member of emergency services in order to extinguish a fire.

  • How often do fire hydrants have to be inspected?

    According to Irish guidelines, fire hydrants should be inspected annually for insurance and quality purposes. If you need a fire hydrant inspected, get in touch with SRS Fire Systems Ltd today.