Having a disabled toilet alarm installed in your commercial or residential property is extremely important if a disabled or mobility-impaired person will be using your property’s bathroom. A disabled toilet alarm is a fantastic system that can be installed in all types of bathrooms, alerting fellow building occupants if a disabled person is in distress while using the bathroom. These alarms are triggered by pulling on a cord, which activates an alarm.
As well as ensuring the safety of a disabled person while in the property, disabled toilet alarms allow people with impaired mobility more independence and privacy while using the bathroom.

Our Disabled Toilet Alarm Services Include

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm Installation

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm Servicing

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm Maintenance

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm Repairs

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm Education

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm Advice and Recommendations

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Disabled Toilet Alarms FAQ

  • What is a disabled toilet alarm?

    A disabled toilet alarm is an alarm system that can be activated by pulling a cord installed in a bathroom. Its function is to alert occupants of a building when pulled that a disabled or mobility-impaired person is in distress or difficulty while in the bathroom.

  • Do I need a disabled toilet alarm in my business?

    While it is not a legal requirement to have a disabled toilet alarm in your business, if any of your employees or customers have limited mobility, installing a disabled toilet alarm allows them to use the bathroom with more privacy, independence and safety than if you didn’t have a disabled toilet alarm.