Fire Safety Products

When it comes to fire safety, ensuring that your building is prepared in the event of a fire breaking out is a must. The team at SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd stocks a range of high-quality, trusted brand fire safety products to keep your commercial or residential building, protected and as damage-free as possible in the event of a fire breaking out. From fire alarms to smoke detectors and refuge call systems, our fire safety products give you peace of mind that your building’s occupants, contents, and structure will be protected from serious damage in the event of a fire.

Our range of products include:

Advanced Addressable Fire Alarm Panels:

These fire alarm panels are world-famous, offering reliable, trustworthy, and user-friendly fire alarm protection to all buildings no matter how large or small.

Kentec Addressable Fire Alarm Panels:

With over 30 years' of experience in the industry, Kentec’s addressable fire alarm panels are a popular choice for residential and commercial customers, providing safe, reliable, and user-friendly alarm systems to buildings across Ireland.

Apollo Fire Detection & Alarm Devices:

Apollo is a world leader in the manufacturing of fire safety systems, providing a range of detection and fire alarm devices designed to ensure the safety of residential and commercial buildings in the event of a fire.

Wagner Air Sampling Systems:

Where smoke detectors are concerned, few are quite as sophisticated as Wagener’s air sampling systems, which detect smoke and harmful gases early, allowing you to contact emergency services and catch a building fire early.

Vimpex Leak Detection Systems:

Our Vimpex leak detection systems are designed to identify leaks and water spillage before the eye could, preventing your building from serious water damage and asset loss before it happens.

Morley Fire Alarm Systems:

Our Morley fire alarm systems are high-tech and sophisticated, ensuring that your building and its occupants are alerted as soon as the threat of fire is detected.

Gent Fire Alarm Systems:

Gent uses modern technology in all their fire alarm systems to create high-tech, reliable, and extremely accurate fire alarm systems to protect your building and its occupants at the earliest signs of a fire in your property.

Vesda Aspirating Systems:

Vesda aspirating systems are an extremely advanced and accurate smoke detection system that are triggered by even the smallest amount of fire smoke or poisonous gas in the air. Vesda’s technology makes them suitable for even large rooms.

Eurofyre Linear Heat Detection:

Eurofyre linear heat detection systems are a fire alarm system that will alert you to excess heat caused by a fire or overheating electrical equipment, making it the perfect system for at-risk businesses with machinery or technology.

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems:

These systems are installed in commercial and residential properties to quench fires with the use of gases to smother flames and stop flames from spreading.

Kitchen Suppression Systems:

Kitchens are the most at-risk room in the home or business environment when it comes to fires, due to the concentration of equipment, appliances, and heat here. Our kitchen supporession systems are specifically built to protect your property against kitchen fires.

Nittan Fire Detection & Alarm Devices:

Nittan has been in the fire alarm system industry since 1954, providing high-tech, reliable, and sophisticated fire detection and alarm devices for customers across Ireland for decades.

Hochiki Fire Detection & Alarm Devices:

Hockiki is a leader in the fire safety industry, manufacturing cuttind-edge fire detection systems and alarm devices for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers across Ireland.

C-Tec SigTel Diasbled Refuge Call System:

We provide disabled refuge systems to ensure that disabled occupants or those with limited mobility are safe in the event of a fire. The C-Tec Sigtel disabled refuge system is highly advanced and voice activated to ensure safety.

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Fire Safety Products FAQ

  • How do I know what the best fire alarm system is for my business?

    When it comes to businesses, no two buildings are the same and finding out what the best fire alarm system is can be difficult. Call SRS Alert Fire Systems today and talk to the experts about the best fire alarm system for your office building.