Firetrace® is a self-activating fire suppression system that is very versatile and doesn’t need any external power supply. Firetrace® is essentially a patented flexible heat detection tubing that can be applied to a variety of objects and used in a range of situations, in many different areas such as kitchen appliances like fryer hoods, tumble-dryers, electrical panels and data centres, motor vehicles, wind turbines and many more. It is a cost effective and robust fire suppression system that is very versatile in application. It is a bespoke, interchangeable system that can be designed for direct systems – to extinguish the closest point of the fire and indirect systems to extinguish into a protected area.


Firetrace® employs a flexible detection and delivery system called Firetrace® Tubing. The tubing is manufactured from specially processed polymer materials to achieve the desired heat detection and delivery characteristics.


Firetrace® FAQ

  • Why Choose Firetrace®?

    Firetrace® has been manufacturing suppression systems for over 25 years documented success stories where our systems have both detected and extinguished fires with little or no damage to the surrounding areas. Firetrace® stops fires where they start and SRS Alert Fire is a fully certified Firetrace® installer.