Our team of expert engineers have carried out certified training and are competent to service and maintain all types of fire hose reels. SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd has invested in the latest test equipment which allows our engineers to carry out pressure and flow measurements and which document both the static and dynamic water pressure readings which are a requirement of the IS EN 671 guidelines. We also carry test equipment which allows us pressurise each hose to its maximum working pressure in accordance to IS EN 671-1 and IS EN 671-2, which is required every 5 years.

What Is Involved in our Fire Hose Reel Maintenance Services?

  • We ensure the fire hose reel is sited correctly and as per drawings and not obstructed

  • Ensure there is an isolation valve present and is operational

  • Unwind the hose reel to ensure there is no damage or kinks

  • Ensure the correct signs are in place

  • Ensure operation instructions are present

  • Check and report the flow, dynamic pressure and static pressure from our calibrated digital test kit

  • Where present check booster pump for corrosion and ensure it is in good working order

  • Furnish the customer with a document with the individual findings from each fire hose reel

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Fire Hose Reel FAQ

  • Does my business' fire hose reel need to be tested?

    Yes. If your business has a fire hose reel on the property, you must get it regularly tested to ensure that it is working correctly and does not have any kinks or leaks that could hinder performance in the event of a fire. Get in touch with SRS Fire Systems Ltd now for more information on fire hose reel maintenance services.

  • What are the benefits of having a fire hose reel in my business?

    A fire hose reel is a quick and effective piece of fire safety equipment that allows you to quickly release water onto a fire in the event that one breaks out on your premises.