Emergency Response Team Training

Emergency Response Team Training is a comprehensive workplace training course that aims to bring awareness, risk assessment skills, and management skills to employees for dealing with workplace emergencies such as chemical spills, fires, and health emergencies. It is an all-inclusive training course taking elements of fire training, first aid training, chemicals training, and more into account to equip you with the skills necessary to diffuse emergency situations in the workplace.
Having an Emergency Response Team in your workplace ensures that your team can work quickly to sensibly diffuse and potentially avoid damage caused by a workplace emergency. Our Emergency Response Team Training courses have 10 participant slots available and take place over 1-3 days, depending on the level of training needed. This course can be physically demanding, teaching participants how to effectively manage dangerous emergencies when and if they occur in the workplace.

Our Emergency Response Team Training Includes:

  • Understanding emergency workplace legislation

  • Knowing the roles and responsibilities of an emergency response team

  • How to control an emergency situation

  • How to use firefighting equipment, alert for fires and proceed with evacuation procedures.

  • How to identify and use fire extinguishers

  • Understanding how to classify fires

  • How to use fire apparatus

  • How to identify, insert, and use breathing apparatus on patients

  • Search and Rescue skills and procedures

  • Firefighting skills at close quarters to the emergency

  • How to control fire spread

  • How to manage dust Explosions

  • How to manage and protect against chemical spills and chemical fires

  • Tips for decontamination

  • Basic First Aid Training

  • Safe handling of a casualty

  • Confined space awareness training

  • Assessment of accident area and assessment of safety for the patient and first responder

  • Assessment of patient injuries and knowing the treatment to be given and the need for C. Spine control

  • Loading and securing patient onto stretcher

  • The correct procedures for contacting and liaising with emergency services

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Emergency Response Team Training FAQ

  • Where can I find Emergency Response Team Training near me?

    SRS Alert Fire Systems provides Emergency Response Team Training to customers in Dublin and across the rest of Ireland.

  • What is Emergency Response Team Training?

    Emergency Response Team Training is a comprehensive training programme that is designed to create an emergency response team within your workplace. This course combines fire training, first aid training, chemicals training, and more to protect your employees and commercial building in the event of an emergency.