A dry riser system comprises of a system of empty pipes and valves that can be connected externally to a pressured water source by emergency services and firefighters in the event of a fire. Dry risers are used to help emergency services when extinguishing building fires. Having a dry riser system in your residential or commercial building is vital to ensure that your property’s building, occupants, and content are kept safe with minimal damage following a fire. As it is a requirement to test your dry riser system every 6 months, one of these tests must be a mechanical test and filled the system with water to the required pressure. SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd provides comprehensive dry riser fire safety testing services to ensure that your system is working optimally, all in accordance with BS9990:2015 requirements.

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Comprehensive Dry Riser Testing Services

Ensuring that your dry riser system is regularly tested is vital to keep your company, colleagues, and clients safe in the event of a fire. Here at SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd, we offer comprehensive Dublin dry riser testing services for all kinds of property to ensure that your building is safe in the event of a fire.
With a dedicated team of experienced professionals on-hand, you can rest assured that all dry riser and fire suppression systems in your property will be thoroughly inspected and reported on for optimum peace of mind and functionality.

Dry Riser Testing FAQ

  • What is a dry riser system?

    A dry riser system is a system of empty valves and pipes that are installed into a building to allow firefighters to pump water onto the floor where the fire has occurred.

  • What is dry riser system testing?

    Dry riser system testing is done by filling your dry riser system with air to test leaks and faults in the system. Once the system has passed the air test it is then pressurised with water to ensure it is operational.