SRS Alert Fire Systems supply and install wireless fire alarm systems across Ireland. These systems are particularly suitable for difficult to wire/historic buildings and are quick to install and can be fitted with minimum disruption to your business. We supply a range of brands one being Apollo’s  XPander wireless intelligent fire detector range, designed for use in areas where it is difficult to run cables.

XPander wireless alarms

Wireless alarm systems are becoming more robust all the time and now have a battery life of 3-5 years. These systems are particularly suited to Heritage/listed buildings, high rise residential, sites with multiple buildings such as education and healthcare and sites that demand minimal disruption such as schools and hospitals. The experts at SRS Alert Fire can recommend the best wireless fire alarm system to meet your specific needs, just give us a call.


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Wireless Fire Alarms FAQ

  • What are the advantages of a wireless fire alarm system?

    • Quick and easy to install with less time on site
    • Less wiring and minimal disruption
    • The system can be added to and expanded with ease
    • Can protect difficult areas
    • Less damage to building fabrication