Emergency lighting is a vital part of your building’s fire safety system, and should not be scrimped on. SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd offers installation, maintenance, and advisory services on Dublin emergency lighting solutions to ensure that your building and its inhabitants are kept safe and secure in the event of a fire. Emergency lighting works by automatically illuminating in the event of a fire, so that inhabitants of the building can see their way through the smoke to escape the fire. From automatic lights to exit signs, SRS Alert Fire Systems Ltd ensures that all of our emergency lighting is installed and maintained to the Irish Standard IS 3217 2013.

Our Emergency Lighting Maintenance Services Include

  • Four visits per year

  • Entries into a Log Book are checked

  • A 30min mains fail simulation is performed 3 times per year and a 3 hour mains fail simulation is performed once a year

  • Once the test time has elapsed all emergency fittings are checked again to ensure they have returned to normal state

  • Visual inspection is carried out on the premises for any structural changes

  • Positioning of all emergency luminaries are inspected in accordance with the standards

  • Emergency light checklist is updated and issued to customer

  • Log book and certificate are signed and updated

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Emergency Lighting FAQ

  • Where can I get emergency lighting installed near me?

    SRS Alert Fire Systems installs emergency lighting to residential and commercial customers across Ireland. We operate from offices in Dublin and Cavan.

  • How does emergency lighting work?

    Emergency lighting works by automatically illuminating when triggered by a fire. Emergency lighting lights up your premises so that people in the building can see through any smoke filling the building and escape.