Having a high-quality fire suppression system installed in your business can be the difference between a small amount of fire damage and devastation in your property. Fire suppression systems comprise of a detection system and fire suppression gasses that can be activated automatically or manually. The team at SRS Fire Systems Ltd offers installation and maintenance services on Dublin fire suppression systems for a range of different types of commercial properties. SRS fire systems also offer room integrity testing to ensure in the event of a fire that the suppressant gasses will extinguish the fire.

Our Fire Suppression System Maintenance Services Include

  • Four Visits per year

  • Check entries into a log book

  • Check pressure of cylinders

  • Manual and electrical operation of the solenoid is verified

  • Alarm sounders and outputs are tested

  • Visual inspection is carried out on the room for any structural changes

  • Integrity test is recommended to comply with ISO 14520 guidelines

  • Training on the system will be provided to the responsible person

  • Log book and certificate are signed and updated 


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Fire Suppression System FAQ

  • What is a fire suppression system?

    A fire suppression system works by releasing a mixture of gas or liquid into the air when triggered by heat, smoke or flames to extinguish a potential fire in a building.

  • Do I need to have my fire suppression system serviced?

    Yes. If you have a fire suppression system in your building it is vital that it is regularly serviced to ensure the safety, integrity, and quality of it in the case of a fire outbreak in your premises.