Disable Refuge Systems or EVC (Emergency Voice Communication System) is a fixed, monitored, and maintained, bi-directional, full-duplex voice communication system to assist the orderly evacuation of disabled or mobility impaired people and enhance firefighters' communication during emergencies. The following checks are carried out during each maintenance visit in compliance with BS 5839 Part 9.

Our Disabled Refuge Maintenance Systems Include

  • Four Visits per year

  • Check entries into a log book

  • Standby batteries and connections are checked

  • 100% of the outstations and handsets are operated on each visit

  • Training on the system will be provided to the responsible person

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Disabled Refuge Systems FAQ

  • What is a disabled refuge system?

    A disabled refuge system is a control-panel based system that uses two way, hands-free communication between a disabled or mobility impaired person and control panel operator. Disabled refuge systems are used for emergency cases such as a fire in the building to ensure that the disabled person is kept safe and removed from the building in the event of a fire.

  • What is an area of refuge?

    An area of refuge is an area in a building that a disabled or mobility impaired person must go in the event of an emergency in order to be removed from the building by emergency services.